Wank – White Knuckle Ride – Album Review

Orange County pop-punk vets WANK have released their brand new 11 song album White Knuckle Ride!

Screen-Shot-2018-12-22-at-12.55.44-AM-e1545458747326.png1 – Remington
2 – Blue Skies
3 – Salvation
4 – Rollin’ On
5 – Sweet Music
6 – Believe It
7 – Shut You Down
8 – We Wanna Rock
9 – It Was You
10 – Won’t Let Go
11 – Forgiven

WANK formed in 1995 in Huntington Beach, CA. Mixing pop sensibility, rock chops, and punk energy, WANK quickly gained momentum and garnered a reputation for themselves with melodic songs and highly entertaining live shows.

In 2000, Amodeo was diagnosed with cancer, and after years of treatment, he’s back and rock ready.  WANK reunited in 2016, self-releasing their 5 song EP – On with the Show and, in 2017, added guitarist Higgins X-13, formerly of the Offspring. And for as for 2018, WANK has been in the studio finishing the new full-length album.

WANK in the studio with Chris Shiflett.

Favorite song on the album?  I am usually pretty critical of the first song on every album since it sets the tone for the entire project and “Remington” was initially my favorite after the first play through.  But after becoming more familiar with the album I’m finding myself going back to “Shut You Down”.  Final Answer – Spider, drum roll please, my gut is saying “Shut You Down”.

“Shut You Down” – Music Video

Conclusion : Everything you’d expect from a Wank album full of poppy punk with some ska and reggae rhythms that I’m a huge fan of.  Add in some harmonies, gang vocals, and classic rock style guitar solos and now you have my full attention.  White Knuckle Ride is a  very enjoyable album that fires on all pistons, hang on tight!

All songs produced by WANK✪ with Paul Miner with the exception of “Salvation” Produced by Chris Shiflett.  Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Paul Miner @ Buzzbomb Studios – Orange, CA   Buy at: http://www.wankusa.com/cd

Social Media Links:
Web: wankusa.com
Facebook : facebook.com/wankusa/
IG @ instagram.com/wank_usa
Twitter : twitter.com/wank_usa
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/WANKUSA


Authority Zero’s 7th Studio LP ‘Persona Non Grata’ Out Now

Long-running Mesa, AZ-based melodic punk/rock/reggae act Authority Zero has just released Persona Non Grata, their first studio self-release since their debut EP album Patches in Time over 17 years ago.

The release of Persona Non Grata will be followed by an early spring European Tour in 2019 and a summer headlining tour of the United States.

1 – A Blind Eye
2 – Derailed
3 – Persona non grata
4 – Atom bomb
5- Ah hell
6- Shake the ground
7 – Mush mouth
8 – The Bright Side
9 – Back From the Dead
10 – On the Outside
11 – Damage control
12 – Rights this way

Vocalist Jason Devore says, “The writing process for recording our new album (Persona Non Grata) was simply awesome. The music and lyrical content came together so organically in such a short amount of time given that our last record, Broadcasting To The Nations, only came out a year ago. Mike, Dan, Chris, and I put our hearts into this one and we are all extremely proud of the work we were able to do as a collective. The music and sound are classic Authority Zero but with a slightly revised approach. For the fans as well as ourselves we strive to give each record its own individual character and life.”

Conclusion :
I’ve been a fan of Authority Zero since 02′ when they dropped A Passage in Time and Rhythm and Booze was a standard pregame album for every party we hosted.  I’ve had big expectations from every album since and classify this as an album you can play from Track 1 to 12 straight through and it never loses energy.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this album live when they hit the East Coast on their 2019 Summer tour.

Persona Non Grata was recorded at The Blasting Room Studios.
Produced by Bill Stevenson, Andrew Berlin, and Jason Livermore
Mixed & Mastered by Jason Livermore

Web: http://authorityzero.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AuthorityZero/
IG @ https://www.instagram.com/authorityzeromusic/

Reel Big Fish’s new album “Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!” Review

RBF fans, the 6 year wait for new music is almost over!  With their 9th studio album scheduled to drop on Rock Ridge Music December 21, 2018.  The long-running ska heroes, fresh off a summer-long stint on the final cross-country Vans Warped Tour, and appearances at Scallywag! Fest (with Bad Religion, Pennywise, Less Than Jake and The Interrupters) and Sammy Hagar’s Hightide Beach Party, remain as popular as ever, as they continue to tour non-stop, playing over 250 shows a year to thousands of loyal fans all over the world, gaining more and more underground popularity as the Ska scene continues to flourish.

Tracks :
1. Life Sucks… Let’s Dance!
2. Pissed Off
3. You Can’t Have All of Me
4. In Love Again
5. Tongue Tied and Tipsy Too
6. Bleached Thang, Baby
7. Another Beer Song
8. Bob Marley’s Toe
9. Ska Show
10. The Good Old Days
11. G.D. Beautiful Day
12. I Should Know By Now
13. I’d Rather Get It Wrong
14. Walter’s Highlife

We are enjoying a sneak peak at the new tunes and have a lot to say about it along with some thoughts from Aaron Barrett (vocals and guitar).  Barrett says, “We started recording the album in January 2018 and really took our time with it. Our friend and engineer David Irish just finished building his new studio “Pot of Gold” in Orange, CA, and we loved how everything sounds there. There’s just really good energy and good vibes there, plus there’s a really adorable studio kitten named Iggy Fluff there, so we may have accidentally made a positive, happy record instead of a pissed off, hateful record, oops…well, there’s a little pissed off-ness in there and some sarcastic, funny lyrics as usual! Also, I just got married so there might be a few sappy love songs on the album too! Yuck!”

He adds, “Recording the album with this line up was really fun, we all get along really well these days and everybody was excited to make a new record. Everybody had lots of great ideas and really got creative with everything and I really think it shows.

The new single “You Can’t Have All of Me,” is a danceable sing-along, catchy, hooky good old Reel Big Fish song. We didn’t reinvent the wheel… We just painted more checkers on it!”


It did not take long for me to review my notes about each song to land on my final feelings about this installment in the REEL BIG FISH library.  With an overwhelming smile I’d have to say this is a feel good album anyone who appreciates quality music can enjoy on some level.  And for us who enjoy the insane horn section perfectly balanced with crispy vocals and some crunchy guitar tones, well you probably pre-ordered this album like I did!

Web : http://www.reel-big-fish.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ReelBigFish/

Ziggy Marley – Fly Rasta – 2014 Album Review

  1. “I Don’t Wanna Live On Mars”
  2. “Fly Rasta (ft. U-Roy) “
  3. “Lighthouse”
  4. “Sunshine”
  5. “Moving Forward (ft. Beezy Coleman)”
  6. “You”
  7. “So Many Rising”
  8. “I Get Up (ft. Cedella Marley)”
  9. “You’re My Yoko”
  10. “Give It Away”

See more info on this release at http://ziggymarley.com/#music/category/fly-rasta/

If you can’t get enough Ziggy, here is a link to a children’s choir performing the first track off this album. 

Hollie Cook – Twice – 2014 Album Review

‘Twice’ sees Hollie’s obvious love of reggae joined by other influences including Bond-like strings, Brazilian percussion, dark disco and shades of Giorgio Moroder. She is joined on the album by Dennis Bovell, Omar, George Dekker and Winston Francis. The strings on the album are the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra and choir. The album was produced by Prince Fatty.  Read More at : www.holliecook.com

1. Ari Up
2. 99
3. Desdemona
4. Tiger Balm
5. Postman
6. Looking For Real Love
7. Superfast
8. Twice
9. Win Or Loose

Hollie Cook – Track 6 – “Real Love”

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Steady 2014 Album Review

GPGDS - Steady Album cover

01 – Whatever The Cost
02 – Steady
03 – Wolf at the Door
04 – Move
05 – Take Your Place (feat. Ranking Joe)
06 – Mr. Cop
07 – Hurt Up Your Brother
08 – Solution
09 – .45
10 – Nice Feeling
11 – Home
12 – Not the Fool
13 – Favorite Song

This gang of musical masterminds hails from Rochester, NY and doesn’t stop short on this new release follow up to their 2012 release, In These Times.  We are greeted with a fun upbeat melody that starts the voyage with an air of optimism of another musical jam band journey to supply their fans with every ounce of what an Easy Star Records artist is expected.

Their title track is true to their roots with a smooth presence of keyboards and intricate overlays mingling with some percussive guitar rhythms that set the stage early on for a very robust full flavored album to follow.  My personal favorite jumped right out and grabbed my attention as I proclaimed, this is going to be my new favorite song.  I know it within 4 beats and its MY JAM, don’t try and say it’s yours, I have failed at sharing since kindergarden.

There is a lot more that this disc offers in the likes of R&B and other Americana influences written about by many other writters so we wont’ delve any further than needed when I say go get your hands on it.  It’s a musical PB&J for your lunch kiddies, enjoy!